Don’t you ever miss your life from when you were a child? Do you ever wish you could just go back to daycare and not worry about anything? Well, now you can!

iChild is the first daycare in Canada created especially for adults. It’s like any other daycare, with games, activities, lunch, and of course nap time, but this one allows people over 18.

For 80$ during the week and 120$ in the weekends, iChild will do its best to bring to those peaceful days of carefreeness back to you, and provide you with two healthy meals. And in an effort to remove all the stress from your daily life, phones are completely prohibited.

The concept of the adult daycare originally came from Asia. After seeing how fun and successful it, the owners decided to export it back home to Montreal. They invite everyone, from those who are lonely, who don’t like their jobs or just those who want to have fun and meet new people with the carefree fun of an 8-year-old.

Your experience includes various socialization and integration activities so you can get to know your fellow “preschoolers” better. They allow only up to 10 people per day, so that everyone can have as much attention as possible.

Other activities involve an outing during summer time to one of the many fun places to visit around the daycare such as the Olympic Stadium. You will also be making crafts that you are allowed to bring home as a momentum of your day back in childhood. More sport types activities and fun pool times are also part of the experience.

For companies that want to emphasise their team work, this is the perfect occasion. Although people work together, they do not necessarily know each other. iChild provides special games that are meant to reinforce teamwork. Employees, bosses and coworkers can build a truthful relationship, the way so many young children do.

And there is no reason to worry, iChild is perfectly safe, and confidential. No pictures of you will be taken nor posted as you go through your day as an 8-year-old, so you can just relax and be yourself. Also, no sexual advances will be tolerated, and neither will alcohol or drugs. You’re supposed to act like a kid, not a grownup!

iChild points out that although adults will be playing children, no one will be required to wear a diaper!

photo credits: Radio Canada